Setting the stage for greatness.

Supporting Our Artists

In Studio

Working with some of the most experienced and talented studios in Oklahoma and Texas, our artists grow surrounded by epic music pros. There’s a new story waiting in every studio…

On Stage

Stage presence is everything. Our artists have state of the art Audio Visual so we can guarantee an incredible show.


From the website, online merch sales, social media content and digital music streaming, GOAT has our artists covered.

On Going

GOAT’s team takes care of digital marketing strategy, branding, production and promotion.

Breaking into the music industry takes a breakthrough team of hustlers working day and night to take talent to the next level. A stand-out team behind the artist makes for record-breaking debuts.

About Us

Dreamers making dreams happen – that’s why we do it. We’re here for the hard work and the views from the top.

Reach out to book one of our artists.

Direct Message on Facebook: @goatmusicgroup or Insta: @goatmusicgrp

Our Process

We aim to keep our process tailor-made to each artist. Everyone’s got their own sound, everyone has their own rise to the top. We’ve got the tools needed to carry us there.

Keep Track

Follow us for artist updates, releases and record label news.